NEOS Lab Expertinnenfrühstück: Suzaina Kadir

NEOSphäre, Neustiftgasse, Wien, Österreich
18. Juni 2014, 08:30 Uhr

Complexities and Courage in Political Participation – A South East Asian Perspective


8:30 – 10:00


Political participation takes on different guises in South East Asia – whether electing a new leader, recuperating from a coup or experiencing policy changes announced by political leadership. In light of Thailand’s coup, Indonesia being on the brink of its fourth presidential election and Singapore mulling over the idea of “constructive politics”, Dr. Suzaina Kadir will elaborate on political mobilization and civic engagement throughout the region.

Recent developments in the region not only showcase political transition but also emphasize the breakdown of old power structures based on hierarchies. It is timely to critically examine whether civic engagement has indeed made a positive impact on social development.

Some issues that will be addressed are:

How and why does political participation benefit society?

How can citizens play more active roles in championing the causes they believe in?


Suzaina Kadir is Senior Lecturer at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Her research interests include religion and politics (particularly political Islam and governance in Southeast Asia) and state-society relations and political change in Asia. Kadir is a board member of the Media Development Authority and the Institute of Technical Education; she previously served on the 2003 Remaking Singapore Committee, the Censorship Review Committee, the Feedback Unit Supervisory Panel, and Preparatory Committee for the 2012 Singapore Green Plan. She recently formed a virtual women’s group, Women-In-Mind, focused on creating a space for, and giving a voice to, professional Muslim women in Singapore.